Urbanization Essay

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Benefits and challenges of Urbanization


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In this paper I will be explaining the four factors that produce a change in the population as well as urbanization. Urbanization is moving from a rural area to a big city in hopes of better opportunity or employment along with many other benefits. Urbanization may seem like a good idea to those trying to better themselves but it has challenges in the city people may face. I will be providing you with current or historical events that may be a benefit or a challenge of urbanization.

Factors that may produce urbanization and a change in population are the birth rate and death rate. Emigration and
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Immigration produced urbanization when they came into the countries immigrants headed to the cities.

The benefits of urbanization can be better career or employment opportunities. In cities more jobs could be found than in a rural area. Compact development is another benefit of urbanization which is the efficiency of the land (Hager&Hassenzahl, 2011, chp.7). Cities may try to encourage different means of transportation so the air won’t be so polluted by too many vehicles. Availability of goods and services is another benefit of urbanization. Rural areas don’t have as many businesses that may be beneficial to individuals. Such as the choice to what college you want to go to for education. Cities have more than one college who may provide better opportunities for a person. Closer to the hospital and restaurants, libraries, gas stations, relatives and friends. Rural areas are spread out and people have to travel such great distance in order to receive goods and services needed.

The challenges of urbanization have to do with the environment in which these city people live in. The condition of the water and sewer which people drink from which is caused by pollution. Pollution in the air is another challenge of urbanization. In some cities have congested streets and the cars may let off air pollutions. Congestion also of housing and factories within the city is also an environmental problem. Factories within the city also let off air pollutions that may be

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