Urbanization Of Urbanization On Farmers Essay

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During the late 1800s, there was an increase in urbanization. More farmers were moving to the city and populations of urban areas drastically increased. However, urbanization negatively impacted farmers because technological advances, improvements in cities, and deteriorating conditions in rural areas caused the farmers’ quality of life to decrease.
Technological advances negatively affected farmers because they decreased the amount of labor required to farm. An example of this is the combine thresher. This machine allows for faster farming because it can harvest crops much faster than a single person. It allows one person to do three process of farming, reaping, winnowing, and threshing, quickly, by combining all three tasks into a single machine. The combine thresher caused many farmers to lose their jobs because there were less people required to tend a single farm. Also, the steel plow was another invention that helped mechanize farming by allowing farmers in the midwest with tougher soil to more easily plow their fields. This helped make farming more efficient as people were able to farm five times faster. (Inventors 1). Due to the number of jobs lost, farmers were negatively affected.
Another problem that farmers had to face due to technology advances was that there was an increase in food. Urbanization was the cause of the excessive food because of the amount of new technology that was made from urbanization. The abundance of food also occurred because of an increase…

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