Urbanization Of Urban Forests On Trees Essays

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Throughout history, trees have played a role in humans’ lives, not just actively but passively as well. In the past trees were mostly a resource to be cut down and used to build, but today with global pollution rising, they are more important than ever to combat rising CO2 levels. Forests are being knocked down to make way for suburbs and cities, but still trees find a new home amidst the urbanization. Topics to be considered in urban tree growth are effects of trees on society, the rate of growth of trees in the wild, and the influence of urbanization on trees. (Gellar, Thomas & Nation Research Council 2013; Gregg, Jones & Dawson, 2013; Texas Parks and Wildlife Department [TPWD]) It is hypothesized that urbanization will negatively affect rate of growth in trees. The following literature reviews will attempt to support and oppose the hypothesis. In a workshop summary by Geller & Thomas (2013) no hypothesis was made, but it brings up discussion about the role that urban forests have in their environment. Urban forests are a new type of ecosystem, created after humans destroyed the original existing environment. Despite the destruction, trees provide their own services such as increasing mental health, improving property value, reducing air pollution and reducing water runoff. The article attempts to form methods of quantifying the value that urban forests can have on the city. Ideas to improve the efficiency of urban environments include turning natural forest areas to a…

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