Urbanization In Oman Essay

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My assignment is about urbanization and rural to urban migration in Oman. I have given a short introduction of Oman and then defined urbanization. I have also mentioned the causes of urbanization in Oman for example people migrate from rural to urban areas for the facilities they can get there and because of the industrialization in Oman. Rural urban transformation and urban growth is also mentioned in this assignment. I have briefly discussed urban growth and its affect on the country’s economy and development. I got all the information from Google and from the case study which was on Muscat. The goal of this assignment was to understand what actually urbanization is and why people migrate from rural to urban areas as well as
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Now a day’s many people wants to have a single villa in developed places to have every type of facilities. Infrastructure in the country is increasing; appropriate land for agriculture is decreasing which again support rural to urban migration. In GCC and in Oman many new cities are under construction so, people are paying more attention towards these cities. Before oil revolution more than 85% people were living in rural areas. Because of industrialization in Oman many people are attracted towards Muscat for employment. Social factors are also playing a vital role in rural to urban migration for exam people come to cities for better education facilities, health facilities …show more content…
Farmers were also given the opportunity to earn outside the agriculture. Agriculture production is now lost its role in the economy of the country but still 3% of the population is still working hard in agriculture sector. The lifestyle of the people has changed when His Majesty sultan Qaboos took the power on July 23, 1970. Due to oil boom many local people left agriculture sector, fishing job and start participating in civil and military jobs. These jobs encouraged people to leave the old jobs and take part in these effortless jobs. Urban growth increased since 1060s because people lest the cultivation system and started building houses in the areas where they were having their workshops. So the economy transformed from traditional to the oil based economy. The oil production era, played a major role in the lifestyle of the people. People were more attracted to the places where they were having good infrastructure. The rapid growth in immigration occurred in the year 1980s and 1990s which resulted in environmental problems. Low interest based loans were provided to the people which play a major role in the lifestyle of the people. Oil wealth has contributed a lot in the economy of the nation and increased the per-capita gross domestic product (GDP). Oil revenue has been used in building infrastructure and improved the lifestyle of the people. Government has spent

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