Urban Slums Essay

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Urban Slums: Reason for Concern?

The definition of a slum varies from one form to another depending on the background or country from which an individual comes from. Someone from a rich country may define slums as old run-down buildings, whereas someone from a poor country will define slums as un-serviced haphazard constructions. The universal definition of a slum as found in the dictionary is said to be a heavily populated urban area characterized by substandard housing and filth. Slums are seen as a purely physical phenomenon. Slums are populated by two groups of people, the poor and the strangers.
Since in slums there is a lack of cleanliness, serious diseases can spread easily and quickly. Slum inhabitants go through many
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If that seems too drastic, we could threaten to raise the cost of living or their housing costs for absences. If given such an opportunity, I think the majority of slum dwellers would change their way of life.
Non-profit organizations such as Feed the Children are helping lower the problems of slum conditions tremendously. If more people would take the time to look into the reality of slums, there would be less of a problem. The severity and percentage of slums in foreign nations are very sobering. According to Wikipedia “Recent years have seen a dramatic growth in the number of slums as urban populations have increased in the Third World. According to a 2006 UN-HABITAT report, 327 million people live in slums in Commonwealth countries - almost one in six Commonwealth citizens. In a quarter of Commonwealth countries (11 African, 2 Asian and 1 Pacific), more than two out of three urban dwellers live in slums and many of these countries are urbanising rapidly”.
Unless something drastic is done about the growing number of slums, our world will continue to be subject to rising slum population percentage. We will need many more non-profit organizations and better ideas to make any changes. We must first slow the rise and then focus on eliminating urban slums one-by-one. We as people of the same world must realize the extent of slums and come together to do our part individually. This

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