Essay about Urban Myths And Urban Legends

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Classic urban legends are stories that have been passed down from generation to generation. Urban legends are told all around the world and people tend to believe them. Urban legends can be told for entrainment, to give unexplained events and objects an explanation, and they can be told to give people warnings. Urban legends usually come with a purpose such as to give people a lesson, offer a moral lesson, and to provide reassurance. Urban legends are very popular because the stories that are told usually have a twist ending. These kinds of stories are usually the type of stories that appeal to people. They are also popular because some of the urban legends give explanations to weird things in the world, and it gives some kind of comfort to people. Urban legends tend to spread so rapidly via word-of-mouth and social medias because people want to warn other people of the danger. People fall for the urban legends and feel the need to protect other people and make sure the same thing does not happen to them. Another reason why urban legends spread quickly is because some urban legends are unbelievably amazing and interesting; people want to share a great story with family and friends. The stories then keep getting shared throughout the years and change a little bit through the years too and become urban legends.
There is a classic urban legend that states that overdue pregnant women can induce labor by eating at specific restaurants. The legend begins with women who are…

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