Urban Expansion And Urban Decay Essay

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For the past few decades, suburbanization of population and employment has been easily observed in large metropolitan areas all over the world, which is generally referred to as “sprawl”. This phenomenon has accompanied not only the spatial redistribution of population, but also the geographical relocation of firms, which has brought about several urban problems – for instance, severe traffic congestion due to the growing distance between jobs and housing, inefficient energy consumption due to the increased commuting distance, air pollution due to the increased vehicle use, and a decline in the overall regional economies due to the decline of the central business district. In order to mitigate such problems, there have been a variety of efforts and policy attempts, such as greenbelts, urban growth boundaries, and urban service boundaries among planners and policy makers (1). Nevertheless, there is still a lack of understanding of why urban spatial structure changes and what the underlying reasons for urban expansion and urban decay are. Understanding and analyzing the dynamics of urban spatial structure is an important research subject to suggest appropriate and sustainable land use and transportation policies in a long-term perspective. According to urban economic theory, one of the key determinants of the urban expansion and suburbanization is an improvement of the transportation network system and a desire for improved quality of life (2, 3). Specifically, it is…

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