Urban Education Is The Importance Of The Arts Essay

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A central theme evident on urban education is the importance of the arts in education. The arts consist of many disciplines such as music, dance, and theatre. Arts education is crucial in the development of the youth through both critical skills and creativity. The benefits of the arts include motor skills, language development, decision-making, visual learning, cultural awareness, and an overall improvement in academics (Lynch, 2012).
In the film Music of the Heart, the students are exposed to the art of the violin. Although many of the kids seemed disgruntled to the idea of playing the violin at first, there was an evident change in behavior towards the music they played as time went on. In the movie Mad Hot Ballroom, the kids were given an opportunity to participate in a ballroom dancing competition. The kids started off awkwardly dancing with one another, yet they eventually began to accomplish the various technicalities incorporated within each specific dance. Throughout both movies, the art program was a way to discipline the kids involved. Roberta, the head of the violin program, believes that the time it takes to learn the instrument teaches both patience and discipline. Before she was introduced to the ballroom competition, a student by the name of Michelle had previously dealt with academic and behavior problems. Since she participated in the competition, neither of these issues were ever reported again.
There is an evident connection between the…

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