Urban Education And Its Effect On Children 's Learning Essay

825 Words Jul 26th, 2015 4 Pages
Prior to coming to Memphis, I knew a lot about urban education and how to work on gaining racial reconciliation. I had experienced an urban school setting previously during one of my field experiences and have worked with and served the poor for many years. I knew a lot of different causes of poverty and how backgrounds can influence children’s learning. Yet, I realized after being here, I did not know the extent of poverty in a city like Memphis as I thought I knew how the justice system worked and why the things were the way they were. I did not think “white privilege” was as big of an issue as it truly is. I believed in the justice system and I believed in the police being fair and equal. I did not realized how privileged I am simply because of the color of my skin or economic status. Previous to being part of this city, I did not know human dignity was still being fought for and equality of education was not truly being given. However after being here, I realized that I did not know as much as I thought I did in terms of restoring dignity to people and communities through urban education.
Coming to Memphis, Tennessee, was the best thing that has ever happened to me. I have grown exponentially spiritually and mentally. My eyes have been opened to the injustice in this city. My heart has been broken by learning how unjust the justice system is, seeing first-hand the inadequacy of proper education for children from urban communities, and the hardships these children face…

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