Urban Education : A Critical Assessment Of Our Current Political, Cultural And Social Climate

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Defining issues which exist within urban education causes for a critical assessment of our current political, cultural and social climate. As mentioned is the lecture, there are those who question the validity of the claim all together. I defend the assertion that there are problems within the urban educational system. Symptoms of these problems have gone untreated and unfortunately parents, students, teachers and administrators have accepted the stigma associated with “neighborhood schools” as a reality. I believe one of the defining moments which got a lot of people talking about urban education was the 2013 massive CPS closing. Beyond the fact that the schools physically closed, is the deeper implications which suggest failed policies and ineffective solutions which persisted in CPS for years. The biggest question; who is to blame? I personally believe there are numerous factors that contributed to such a destructive decision. I believe that the CPS closings embodies the heart of our lecture and conversation this week. As I attempt to define the problems which exist in urban education in relation to the CPS closing, I would like to briefly discuss three major issues which linger around CPS educational system. Firstly, there has been an echoing argument that CPS teachers are ineffective; especially teachers in the “underperforming schools” that where shutdown. Secondly, there is data which reject the causal notion that more money will result in better student outcomes.…

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