Essay on Urban Development : Urban Planning

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Urban Planning in America

Anderson Drive. Digital Image. DBlayney. DBlayney. Web. 5 Dec 2016. There has been many significant events throughout the history of urban planning, these events have shaped the way that urban planning happens now. Urban planning, also known as city planning, is the process of planning for designs and regulations of land usage, with the focus on physical aspects, economical factors including advantages and potential disadvantages, and the impact on urban environments. Urban planning is a step by step process, which typically starts with a vision leading to the actual development. The growth of cities depends on this process because it factors in sustainable development, urban aspects, and impacts that it will have on the area and people. The purpose of urban planning is to carefully plan for changes and give an outline of the expected process. Especially, with the population of the world steadily increasing, urban planning will be needed more than ever. Urban history has been around for many years, dating back to Mesopotamia, Egyptian civilizations, but was majorly sought after in America in the 19th century. During the nineteenth century, many American cities began to expand mostly from immigration and industrialization. With this population expansion, many slums were created. Slums were overcrowded urban areas, typically occupied with poor immigrants and workers. These slums were poorly taken care of, providing inadequate living conditions.…

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