Upward Mobility In The Great Gatsby

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“Aspects of “The American Dream” shown in “The Great Gatsby’.”
“The American Dream” is a dream the nation has been working for years. The American Dream is all about the Freedom, Equality, Upward Mobility and Pursuit of happiness. It tells us that America dream for a better, richer, happier life for all of the citizen of the country. The idea of Cullen’s American Dream is that a person no matter their race, class or ethnicity having the potential and equal opportunity to succeed according to their ability and achievement. The democratizing of the founder’s vision and the expectations of upward social mobility and pursuit of happiness for people of humble origins is the version of the dream Cullen takes up. “The Great Gatsby” challenges the
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This dream represents that people can become successful in life by their own work. This is shown in Jim Cullen’s “American Dream” Chapter 03 where he states, “...Like other American Dreams, the power of the (dream of upward mobility) lay in a sense of collective ownership: anyone can get ahead…”. In this quote the idea of self-sufficiency is shown, people who works hard enough to achieve a goal to become successful. Fitzgerald portrays upward mobility in The Great Gatsby by showing how Gatsby who was a poor guy, son of a poor farmer but he fell in love with a rich girl named Daisy and try his best to become wealthy because he realize that his social class will effect his love life and he decides to work hard for daisy to get to her level and get her back in his life when lose her because of his middle class. This is shown in the book chapter 6 where Gatsby’s real name is revealed and how he worked so hard to become wealthy and get Daisy back in his life. It is evident in the book where it says, “James Gatz — that was really, or at least legally, his name. He had changed it at the age of seventeen and at the specific moment that witnessed the beginning of his career — when he saw Dan Cody’s yacht drop anchor over the most insidious flat on Lake Superior”. In this quote it shows us that in order to become wealthy …show more content…
This dream represents the idea that in order to pursue happiness you need to realize what is happiness and what brings happiness. It is shown in “American Dream” where Cullen stated, “The fact that we have such an explicit basis for our actions, most vividly “the pursuit of happiness”, a phrase than more than any other defines the American Dream, treating happiness as a concrete and realizable objective”. In this quote it is shown that pursuit of happiness is the most important aspect of American dream. Also this quote tells us about that in order to achieve you goal of happiness you need to realize the real meaning of happiness and you need to make it believable that you can pursue happiness. Fitzgerald portrays the idea of pursuit of happiness in The Great Gatsby by showing how Gatsby had this mindset that Daisy is his happiness and whenever She is with him, it is suppose to the happiest moment. It is shown in the book where Gatsby and Daisy meets after 5 years and Gatsby wants everything to go perfect because it is the perfect happiness for him and he wants everything perfect for Daisy as he wants Daisy to view him as a perfect man. It is evident in chapter 05 where it says, “We both looked down at the grass – there was a sharp line where my ragged lawn ended and the darker, well-kept expanse of his

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