Essay about Upton Sinclair 's The Jungle

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In many ways, the time period in which an author lives greatly affects their writing. The time period influences an author in how they write, and also in what the author writes about. The events during the lifetime of Upton Sinclair influenced his writing enormously. During the 1900’s the working conditions of the meat-packing industry were very harsh. Many workers were injured and many were even killed. Countless Americans at this time were not aware of the terrible conditions the workers were going through. Along with this, Americans were also not aware of the lies the meat-packing plants were telling them. Upton Sinclair wrote the novel The Jungle to expose the conditions of the meat-packing plants, as well as to change the conditions for better once Americans were made aware. During the time period of Sinclair’s writing, the conditions of the meat packing industry were severely disastrous. Sinclair used these events to his advantage to write a novel about. Sinclair not only wrote in depth about the meat-packing industry, but also went as far as becoming a worker himself in the industry to be able to write exactly what it was like. Sinclair spent many weeks in Packingtown to gather information to include into his novel. Sinclair used this information to expose the meat-packing plants (The Jungle and the Progressive Era). Although many Americans ate the food the plants provided, not many Americans actually new what is was that they were consuming. Sinclair surprised…

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