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Case Study: United Parcel Service, Inc. (UPS)
Mitchell Levy

By Mitchell Levy Mar 2, 2001

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From the author of Thriving in the Internet Age Through E-Commerce Thriving in the Internet Age Through E-Commerce Management

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In this article, e-commerce management expert Mitchell Levy presents a case study of how UPS transformed itself into a holistic Internet-enabled entity.

This article is excerpted from Thriving in the
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Vision and Strategy

In 1991, the company's vision was to be "the leading package delivery company." They were able to grow significantly toward that goal, but they weren't satisfied with just that. They wanted a larger challenge for the company. In 1999, they changed their vision statement to "the enablers of global e-commerce." It was at this time that their company purpose (vision), mission, and strategies were redefined as follows:

Purpose (why they are in business): To enable global commerce.

Mission (what they seek to achieve): Fulfill their promise to constituents by:

Serving their evolving needs

Sustaining a strong and employee-owned company

Continuing to be a responsible employer

Acting as a caring corporate citizen

Strategy (their plan of action): Sustain the core and create their future by:

Investing in the core business of worldwide distribution and logistics

Building competencies in the integration of goods, funds, and information

Using technology to create new services

Attracting talented people

Studying customer behavior and anticipating their needs

Practicing innovation that leads to growth Developing an environment that enables them to treat each customer as if he or she were the only one

Changes Made/Evolutionary

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