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Self-Assessment Assignment xxxxxx Kaplan University

Unit 3

HW410 Stress: Critical Issues in Management and Prevention

Self-Assessment Assignment

Even before modern day psychologist such as Freud and Maslow coined the ideas of the ego, id, and hierarchy of needs the Tibetan culture had arrived at the basest ideas of stress and peace. It is from our recent psychologist and their ever-continuing research on stress and the human mind that we learn more about the intricacies of the human brain. Though different in their own ways, each view by different psychologist has some common ground, and through them, we have learned of several different ways to manage and cope with fear in our shrinking world. There is much to be
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Below are just a few ways in which one can improve their own communication skills. Speaking with precision and directness can help set the intent of the message clearly and early on to avoid confusion or misdirection. By enhancing our vocabulary, we enhance the ability to express ourselves and the situation more clearly and effectively. It is important to remain cognitive of our audience and to use language and vocabulary appropriately. We speak to children differently than we do members in particular professions; it’s important to remember to not use trade words or acronyms when talking to somebody outside of that scope who may not know what the word means. In addition to that, avoid overloading the recipient with too much information, too quickly to avoid having to repeat yourself. The last two go hand in hand; validate your assumptions and resolve problems when they arise (Seaward, 2015). It’s important to do this to deal with issues as they surface to prevent unnecessary conflict at a later time. Even by implementing one or two of these communication skills we can become better employees, family members, and friends. From Buddha and enlightenment through Maslow and the Hierarchy of Needs and beyond John Watson and behavioral therapy, the human mind and stress has long since been heavy on the mind of man. It is through this burden that we have done

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