Up On Downloading Essay

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Lisa Abberger
Dr. Claire Roof

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English 111 03B
04 Sept. 2013

Is the Music Industry in a Crisis?

In Elaine’s McArdle’s essay “Up on downloading,” three Harvard Law school
Professors William Fisher III, Charles Nesson and Jonathan Zittrain come together to discuss solutions for illegal downloading of music. In this essay,the music industry claims it has a money crisis. (McArdle 1) I think perhaps it is really a marketing and a technology issue. The music industry has so many more resources now then it has ever had in the past. One of its biggest resource is Itunes. This should be a great resource to market and sell music. The music industry should not have any type of money problems. The industry needs to use
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There are many sucessful examples in other industries that do this such as cell phone companies,internet subscriptons, Netlflix and cable companies. This is a very successful concept and I dont understand why the music industry isnt capitalizing on what has been already done.
I do believe that musicians should make money off of their music. A musican puts many hours of time and effort into making their music. Musicians should not expect to make all their money from Itunes or cd sales. The industry has changed so

Musicians need to change as well. Remember the old saying not to put all your eggs in one basket. Well, musicans need to remember that and become diversified. They
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can go our tour and sell their merchandise at concerts . Music is used in alot of commericals and tv shows. A musican can also become a producer for other people music. So to me it doesnt seem like the music industry is in as bad of a crisis that they are saying they are in.
Is it ethically wrong to download music without paying for its? I think it depends on who you ask. Music used to be so simple. You listened to it on the radio for free .
You bought a cd or a tape when you wanted a copy of your favorite music. Those of us who grew up without Itunes,Youtube and without the internet paid for our music. I did and I feel like it is steal when you download music without paying for it.
Those who have grew up with getting their music off the internet may not

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