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Up in the Air is a film about Ryan Bingham, a man who faces many personal and relationship challenges. Ryan is a businessman that travels around the country firing people from their current jobs, therefore he spends majority of his time flying. He travels from hotel room to hotel room. This makes it hard for Ryan to develop any type of personal life. Although, he likes being on the go and living out of just a little suitcase, he takes pride in what he does. Throughout the film, Ryan struggles with change and a realization deep within his personal development. He goes from being a rock hard unemotional man to a man who can feel again. He changes by facing certain challenges, such as his intern in who challenges his thinking. The new intern …show more content…
An individual who has a dismissive attachment style is usually very emotionally unavailable and does not really feel for the needs of others. They are loners, have an unbalanced life, and distance themselves from other individuals. I believe this to be shaped by what he does for a career. Since he has to be very unemotional and unattached to individuals for his job, it carries over into his personal life. He cannot be emotionally involved with his clients, or else it would make the let go process much more difficult. In the film, Ryan is very indifferent with his clients, treating them more like objects than actual human beings. He is almost robot like with his actions and uses the same speech to fire his clients. Because of this attachment style he has been categorized in, he struggles with relationship interaction when it comes to individuals who are not his clients. This is noticeable when Ryan falls for a woman that was first a good for now, until he realizes he would rather be with her than be alone. This is a difficult situation for him, because when he finally decides to chase her, he realizes she already has a life of her own. He then realizes he is back on his own once again when he finds out the truth. This example proves his attachment style is based upon his past experiences and what he perceives his future outcomes to be. Unfortunately for his …show more content…
This is Sternberg’s theory of intimacy, passion, and commitment. These 3 components are what make up the different kinds of love. Towards the beginning of the film, Ryan was only capable of showing intimacy and a little bit of passion. But as time went on, Ryan began to fit more into all three components, while the women he fell for fits more into intimacy and passion, but excluding commitment. She saw no future with him because of already having a family, but loved to have him as a getaway. Because he was unaware of this, he put his heart and soul into possibly having a future with her. He claims he never felt love before, but that changed after her. Their type of love was the same at one point, intimacy and some passion. But after spending time together it got more serious, leading to more of a commitment from Ryan’s point of view. It was an ironic storyline because towards the beginning he saw her as a fling, which was typical for his attachment type. He struggled with what he believed his relationship to be than to what it was in reality. Overall his idea of love and her idea were two different things, therefore they could not fall into the same relationship category for success. With the success of all 3 components, it would be a guarantee for a healthy

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