Unwind Book Report

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Imagine living in a world where abortion was illegal until the age of thirteen. In the book, Unwind by Neal Shusterman, this imaginary scenario turns into a real issue for teens in America. If you were a disobedient kid or an extra expense, then your parents/caretakers could get rid of you by just signing a form to have you unwound. Unwinding is a three hour long procedure where each part of a teenager’s body is taken out to use for someone else who needs it. Unwind is set in the far future in the United States of America. A civil war has been fought called the “Heartland War” by two sides. The sides were pro-life and pro-choice fighting over whether abortion should be legal or not. In the end, the two sides agreed that unwinding was a good compromise and the Heartland War was over. Obviously, the government would be the antagonist because they are what made unwinding legal. …show more content…
Lev and his friends were clappers and were going to explode the surgical building known as the “Chop Shop” right as Connor was walking in to be unwound. Clappers are people who have a chemical injected into their blood so that when they clap their hands together or have any impact towards their bodies, they explode. Lev had no idea that Connor was supposed to be unwound at the time they planned the explosion and he also didn’t realize that Risa was a part of the band on top of the “Chop Shop”. He panicked as Connor went inside and the building exploded. Connor came running out without an eye and with a mangled arm as the roof collapsed. Someone found a tranquilizer gun and shot him to minimize the pain as they rescued others from the explosion. Connor later woke up in a hospital bed with a very sore shoulder. The nurse told him they had found an ID of a nineteen year old around him and just pretended that he was of age and didn’t need to be unwound. Unfortunately, since his arm was destroyed, they put another one on from an

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