Essay on Unveiling Past Heroes : The Holocaust

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Unveiling Past Heroes The Holocaust is a catastrophic part of human history that revealed many heroes through its destruction. The Holocaust was born through Hitler’s twisted “campaign against the Jews” that started with his rise to chancellor of Germany in January 30,1933. He thought that to protect the supreme Aryan race he would have to get rid of all Jews. By the end of Europe’s war in May 8,1945 approximately six million Jews were killed and five thousand communities destroyed. Hitler distributed propaganda against the Jews to his citizens through his Nazi newspaper. The citizens began to believe what they were told through constant exposure to these malicious newspapers. By September 15,1935 the Nuremberg Laws that separated the Jews and Germans was passed. These Laws prohibited any intimate relationships between the Jewish and German people. Jews did not have the right to vote, to see a doctor, and were denied many jobs. Many Jewish families were able to immigrate to foreign countries but most faced strict quotas. Hence, some families would send their children first. With Hitler’s invasion on Poland, he faced the dilemma of having to deal with more Jewish people the more land he took. At this stage, the idea of mass killings was put to action. Six killing centres were set in Poland by the spring of 1942 named Chelmno, Sobibor, Belzec, Maidanek, Treblinka and Auschwitz. These centres were made near railways to easily transport Jews. However, “the camps were liberated…

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