Unusual Pleasures In Lolita

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Unusual Pleasures In the book Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov, we learn very quickly that the main characters in the novel have what most would consider a very perverted relationship. Humbert and Lolita are the main characters in this tale. Humbert is a middle-aged man engaged to Lolita’s mother, Charlotte. This book is the story of Humbert’s intense love and obsession for Lolita, Charlotte’s daughter. Throughout the novel, we find out that Humbert’s pleasures and Lolita’s pleasures are far from the same. The relationship that Humbert has with Lolita is perverted, because Humbert is a middle-aged man with a very abnormal sexual obsession with the twelve year old, Lolita, who he refers to as a nymphet. A nymphet is a sexually precocious girl or young women. I feel that this is a great description of Lolita, because we …show more content…
To focus on the ending of the novel we know that they both die in very tragic ways. After several years Lolita finally decides to leave Humbert to run off with Quilty, who is a rather devious character himself. But, who she loves truly. We learn that she gets kicked out of Quilty’s house because she didn 't want to participate in his sexual games with other people. All she wanted was to love Quilty and have sexual relations with him only. Lolita finds herself married to another man and pregnant. She, in desperation reaches out to Humbert once again for financial support. He finds her and learns that Quilty is the reason she left him. In his anger he murders Quilty and finds himself in prison where he dies years after suffering and yearning for Lolita. Lolita tragically dies during child birth never having found true love. This is truly a tragic story of a obsessed pedophile and a selfish, greedy adolescent, who pay for their perverted relationship with their lives. That is the ultimate

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