Unpaid Internship Essay

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Thousands of college students every year pour out of their institutions in an eager search of a profession. These young fresh out of college students all vision to pursue the career of their dreams, yet it require impressive resumes to go along with their ambition. Internships have become an innovation to begin a job, the kick-start to ones career. Most involve a graduate who applies in hopes of gaining knowledge and practice for their new occupation, paid or unpaid. Many of these students land an internship and trust it is the best method to launch their new career. Although some students argue unpaid internships are unjust to struggling college graduates, internships paid or unpaid drastically benefit students by providing experience and …show more content…
In No Pay? Many Interns say ‘No Problem’, Halperin gives examples from former interns giving their views from experience on unpaid internships. A previous intern states "Any type of experience in your field is good, it builds your resume and portfolio, ' ' says Priya Shah, who will graduate in May and is job-searching across the country. "Unpaid internships are worth it because you are building experience and contacts. And you may land a job after it 's over” (Halperin 589). Internships are perfect to add on to resumes and portfolios; numerous jobs require some form of pervious experience to qualify. Successful internships open new doors for students and job opportunities, which value the student in the long run. While working an unpaid internship you perceive yourself to other as hardworking and motivated as Halperin states, "Employees of the workplace understand that you are working and learning for free. ' ' It shows that you are serious about the career and are willing to put in the hard work needed for the reward of a potential job” (589). Internships are a crucial factor in learning skills, experience, knowledge and potentially landing a full-time

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