Essay on Unpacking Health Promotion : A Critical Reflection

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UNPACKING HEALTH PROMOTION – A CRITICAL REFLECTION: HEALTHY TOWNS INTRODUCTION: Health promotion is a practice that is underpinned by values and principles, which can be placed along a continuum, varying from a traditional view that values a reductionist, patriarchal approach, to a more modern approach that values holism and health as a resource for living. The Healthy Towns Program is a program implemented by the Public Health Network across the Central Queensland, Wide Bay and Sunshine Coast locale. The following is a critical reflection of the health promotion values and principles when applied to the Healthy Towns Program, including examples of six of the values that are evident in the presentation by Nicole Cool on 4/8/2016, and where they are positioned along the continuum.

Values and Principles example 1: Health Paradigm Modern health promotion is underpinned by a holistic health paradigm: seeing health as a complex concept that includes physical, mental, spiritual and social aspects of wellbeing that relate to the whole person (reference). The biomedical health paradigm is mentioned throughout the presentation by Nicole Cool, which is the view that health is merely the absence of disease or injury, and the absence of ‘unhealthy’ behaviours and is primary related to the body and mind. The references to this traditional health promotion view is to largely explain how the Central Queensland, Wide Bay and Sunshine Coast Public Health Network…

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