Unnatural Domination Of Alice Munro 's ' Boys And Girls ' Essay

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Unnatural Domination
Be a lady! That’s a man’s job! Girls don’t act like that! Go help your mother! Go give your father a hand outside boy! These are just a few of the common phrases that we hear everyday. What we don’t realize is that these phrases are designed to put us back into our roles; they control and restrict us. The roles and guidelines involved with being a male or female are the gendered subjects created by society. The sole purpose is to create differences between males and females, which leads to an imbalanced society with dominance and repression. However, these rules are often broken when individuals try to express themselves. These rules are made by society as whole; they are not in tune with every individual. In Boys and Girls, the author, Alice Munro, uses gender equality, indifference and gender role reversal in the characters of Mack, Flora and the foxes, to develop the idea that the process of creating gendered roles and guidelines is not natural and only serves to establish dominance and control in society by restricting individuals.
The foxes demonstrate unnatural aspects of gendered roles and guidelines by portraying gender equality. Both genders of the foxes follow similar roles throughout the story. For example, the foxes are valued for their appearance regardless of male or female, even though it is a common female role to be beautiful and vain. However, The narrator describes the foxes as though there was no existence of two genders, she…

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