Unix File Access Essay

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Unix File Access
The Outlandish Shirt Printers is a solid company that has an organizational system that supports 5000 users. The company has a file that 10 of the users do not need to have access to. There are two ways to specify the protections scheme in Unix to ensure that 4,990 users have access to this file. This goal can be achieved by setting up access control list and groups. Outlandish Shirt Printers is also looking for a suggestion for another more effective protective scheme than the one provided by Unix.
Access Control Lists and Groups
The first protection scheme in Unix to allow 4,990 of the companies users access to this file is to set up an access control list. Access Control Lists allow more control over file
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It is important to note that some systems restrict groups, and the company may not be able to use this scheme.
Alternative Scheme
The Outlandish Shirt Printers are also seeking a suggestion for a more effective protective scheme that provided by Unix to give access of this file to 4,990 users. The most efficient way to achieve the task is to use an access control list. Each user logging in to the system has universal access to the file unless the users name is in an access control list. The company would create and ACL with the 10 users without permissions to access to the file. The permissions are then set to no access allowed.
When a company wishes to restrict access of a file to certain users Unix gives the system administrator two protective scheme options to accomplish the task. The options available are access control files and groups. Group schemes may not be at the system administrator’s disposal because of system restrictions. The most feasible solution is to create an access control list giving proper permissions to all users given access, or to create the ACL restricting the permissions to the users not given access.
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