Essay on University 's Educational Leadership Program

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In addition to being a graduate student in Temple University’s Educational Leadership program, I have over seven years experience as a College Advisor for High School students in inner city Philadelphia. Although all teenagers may face some challenges when transitioning to college, there are significant barriers and hardships that are unique to urban youth. Over the years, my beliefs and understanding surrounding college completion has evolved and I have come to understand that it is not only important to engage the students but also the parents, family members, alumni, and community. Through my work within the school community, there were several revelations:
• While National Student Clearinghouse data revealed that we were gradually increasing our college enrollment rates, we still had a significant number of our alumni leaving college after their first and second years.
• When conducting educational workshops, there were a significant number of parents that sought out my services to assist them with re-entering college. They had started college, earned credit but never completed.
Building a college going culture is not solely about our high school students. It is essential to increase degree completion among our parents and to show our students that our alumni have gone to college and have completed college. For this reason, I chose Graduate! Philadelphia as my internship project. I wanted to focus on a new population of students and find methods of applying…

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