University Mission And Vision Statements Essay

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University Mission and Vision Statements PWIs can benefit from revising their mission and vision statements to include more concrete language about diversity and inclusion. A study conducted by Wilson, Meyer and McNeal (2011) noted that 35% of the 80 schools studied did not have a diversity statement and did not mention diversity in their mission. Of the schools that did mention diversity, only 19% addressed racial or ethnic diversity. Wilson et al. (2011) concluded that institutions that include diversity statements in their mission send a message to underrepresented faculty, staff and students that they are supported. In addition to having a diversity statement, Wilson et al. (2011) also note that universities should include underrepresented groups in the decision making process and activities of the university in order to change a homogenous campus culture. Bernhard (2016) noted that just like the university mission statement, athletic departments should include diversity in their mission statements given the increase in the number of athletes of color joining the teams. As a land grant institution founded in 1865 after the civil war and directly as a result of the Morrill Act of 1862, Cornell is in a unique position to address diversity on its campus. Its founder, Ezra Cornell declared that he "would found an institution where any person can find instruction in any study" (Motto, n.d.). The core values stated within the four fundamental pillars of the university…

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