Essay on University Alumni And Current College Students

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Marquette University
Two main customers groups of Marquette University are alumni and current college students. College students want Marquette University to help them succeed in school as well as in their careers. In addition, college students want help with the transformation from student to alumni. Alumni want to feel that they are still part of the university. Both college students and Marquette alumni want to network to get to know each other.
Since college student’s want to succeed in school, Marquette provides valuable resources that can help students achieve this goal. For example, Marquette offers the writing center for students who want help with a paper. Marquette also offers a tutoring program for many classes, and makes an effort to keep class sizes small so that students can get individualized help from their professors. In addition, college students want Marquette to help them in their careers. Marquette provides services such as networking events, a career center, a mentor program and advisors who can offer assistance. Marquette could be of further assistance to students by providing guest speakers to talk about the transition from student to alumni. Marquette could also assign each student a key contact from the university that they could contact after graduation if they were having trouble transitioning. After graduation, students will get jobs at different companies, start their own families, and move to different states throughout the U.S. Alumni…

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