Universities Of The Middle Ages Essay examples

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When you head off to college, what are some of items that your parents provide for you? Go ahead think about it. Most students will say money, or forgotten possessions, or even the illustrious “gourmet” box of home cooked meals, yum. But when we compare the aspects of universities in the Middle Ages up to the Renaissance in terms of college life, we find that the lives of students in our age were more or less alike and different. Although the universities of the Middle Ages were restricted to only a certain persons, the fact that the arrival of universities around the 12th and 13th Centuries was so monumental that these institutions became well known for their ingenuity and even provided some of the world’s most historic figures with a proper education.
How did these so-called “universities” first develop? Before the emergence of universities, the liberal arts were taught in cathedral and monastery schools to train the clergy. The church, at this time, served as the principal educational institution of the Middle Ages , and by the late 11th and 12th Centuries, cathedral schools also began to provide lectures for non-clerical students.1 The first of these churches to educate future clergymen were monastic and cathedral schools, teaching basic reading and writing in Latin and promoting the liberal arts.2 The cathedral school at Chartres, one of the most famous, attracted young students from all over Europe.2 After 1200, increasing numbers of future notaries and merchants…

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