Universal Themes In F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Maze Runner

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The “maze runner” is mainly about a community set in a dystopia about numerous males trapped in a maze and they are being tested on how they escape. A Universal theme is central idea found within a story or passage. It also represents a message or lesson the author wants to convey. In this story, the author uses universal themes to develop the story in a unique way. The author uses strong males, heroic scenarios, odd elements and social cohesion.
The story uses strong males to show how the characters have developed through the time they have been there. These characters would be known as Thomas, Alby, Minho and Gally. Thomas is the protagonist. He is shown as a rebel and very brave. Thomas comes to the maze and tries to follow the rules but under the circumstances, he breaks them because he is trying to get out and go home of course. Alby, the leader of the gladers, was the first one there. “Well, it is as you have heard, yeah. Every month, the Box sends up a new arrival. However, someone had to be first, right? Someone had to have spent a whole month in the Glade, alone. That was ably. I mean, it cannot have been easy. However, when those other boys started coming up, one after the other, he saw the truth. In addition, he learned that the most important thing is that we all have
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Social cohesion shows the rules of their society. One of their rules would be that no one could leave the glade, only if you are a runner. Only runners were allowed to leave because they were tracking it and they could not afford to lose anyone considering that they only get one new person a month. Alby states to Thomas that everyone must do his or her part. They could never harm another glader, when ben harmed Thomas everyone came to his rescue. In addition, the last rule is too not breaking the rules. The rules made them feel safe, it was what they were used to, and someone breaking them would disturb that peace they have

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