Universal Serpent Power : The Snake Essay

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Chapter One
Universal Serpent Power
The Snake has always been my totem. The Snake is my muse in dance and is intimately connected with my own personal and spiritual journey. Serpent energy connects me to the consciousness of the Earth, as well as the none-physical realms. The Snake is an animal, but it is also a symbol, that represents rebirth, healing and the mysterious feminine. By the metaphor of their being, snakes demonstrate the cyclical nature of life. The shedding of the snake’s skin is emblematic of transformation and regeneration. As a snake owner I have observed that prior to shedding, there is a period of dullness, vulnerability and blindness. I feel like as a species this is the stage we are collectively at now. This emancipation of humanity will depend on whether it can shed its mistaken belief that humanity is separate from nature. Perhaps one day we can live like the snake; consuming only what we need, wasting nothing and recognising ourselves as children of the Great Mother. Perhaps we will learn from the indigenous peoples who deify the serpent - to collectively honour our Mother Earth who has created our bodies and generously sustains us.
Those of us living in the West have become alienated from the power of the divine serpent and her goddess. The universal relevance of both goddess and divine serpent has become hidden under archaic layers of dust and centuries of lies. In this book I shall put forward the case that today, in light of the potential…

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