Universal Periodic Review Doesn 't Change State Behaviour Essay

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“The Universal Periodic Review doesn’t change state behaviour”- Discuss

The universal periodic review is a review that’s done on a basis where the 193 countries of the UN have their human rights audited and reviewed by other member nations. This process is designed to allow countries to scrutinize the other countries human rights records and then to make recommendations to the other country with regard to their human rights records and laws. This procedure was introduced during reforms which took place in 2005 at the UN. This mechanism of examining and scrutinizing human rights was created to supplement the existing human rights mechanisms within the UN such as the Human Rights Institutions. The country in question then sets the agenda of its review by providing its own report on the issues at hand, afterwards countries engage in collective discussion, afterwards an outcome report is published which lists out recommendations from member nations and the country being reviewed responds to the suggestions. However the efficacy of this mechanism is questioned for a number of reasons, this essay will aim to answer why in fact that while the Universal Periodic review is not perfect it is also certainly not ineffective. Through looking at the impact/s of the Universal Periodic review on Australia’s human rights record, analyzing the criticisms that are aimed at the system and by looking at how the Universal Periodic Review works in international law, we can see that in fact the…

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