Universal Entitlement Is A Founding Principle That Has Been Achieved

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Universal Entitlement is a founding principle that has been achieved. Universal Entitlement is where everyone who lives within Britain has a right to use the NHS. They should have the ability to use all services without any restrictions and without any difficulty. However, homeless people and immigrants, do struggle with finding a GP and often have restricted access to health care. There is an issue with dentists, because some adults attempt to find dentists that will treat them on behalf of the NHS and some dentists will not it means they have to pay for some services which some cannot afford. If they cannot afford it, they will not be treated. “No mechanism is available to patients and their families to challenge these new costs. The only choice is to pay up or go without. Costs like these are obvious, but they are only the tip of an enormous cost iceberg”. EXPLAIN USE OF REFERENCE AND GET EXAMPLE OF COSTS USE OTHER REFERENCE ALSO!!!
The NHS has continued to be funded by the money generated from taxation. Taxes in Britain tend to be divided between incomes, meaning that those who earn more tend to pay more tax whereas those who earn pay less. Since 1979 taxation became more generated from goods and services rather than income. REFERENCES and EXAMPLE!!! WRITE MORE EXAMPLE OF POLICIES
A founding principle was that all services were to be provided for free by the government. The principle of free service was affected by the introduction of charges for medical,…

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