Unity Can Conquer Racism Analysis

Unity Can Conquer Racism Since the birth of America, Americans have struggled transforming a government changing as much as the people who reside in it. Racist acts committed like Jim Crow laws and Plessy v. Ferguson are examples of discriminatory acts that demonstrate parts of racism in history. In contemporary times, events like Ferguson and the actions of the police portrays the racism still prevalent today. In 2008, Obama gives “A More Perfect Union” speech during the time when he ran for president, in order to address racist comments Reverend Wright made. He reinforces the consistency of racism and the long effects that results from history. Obama establishes the wholeness America needs to become. Sixty years before, Angelou similarly encounters a racist situation made by what the principal thought was a respectful leader. …show more content…
During her Graduation, her and fellow classmates sing national songs like the National Anthem along with the “Negro National Anthem”. “All done in the same key, with the same passion and most often standing on the same foot” (Angelou 26). Angelou refers to the “Negro National Anthem”, which vaguely embodies African Americans’ struggle to freedom. The repetition of the word: “same”, initiates them to band together because most of them have known this song, since they were young. When they sing, they reminisce about the struggles their ancestors went through. Obama educates his readers through a personal anecdote of his culture. “... I will never forget that in no other country on Earth is my story even possible” (Obama 649). He depicts his family’s ethnicities and histories demonstrating all of America’s parts. His anecdote reminds Americans how America is filled with all different cultures and is compared to a “melting pot” because of it. Unity is what earns America its name because of the diverse people with

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