Uniting Text And Subtext : The Conception Of Multi Dimensional Poetry

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Uniting Text and Subtext: The Conception of Multi-Dimensional Poetry I will be discussing the unique and enigmatic poem, “This is a Photograph of Me,” by Canadian poet and author, Margaret Atwood. Upon reading and analysis, this particular work proves to embrace the unexpected through its shocking volta, as well as its tone, multi-dimensionality, and two significant “hot spots”.
There are a few surprising elements of this poem, the most obvious of which being the volta, which twists the speaker’s story with the line, “(The photograph was taken / the day after I drowned” (Atwood 15-16). Here, the poem’s description of the emerging landscape is spun from picturesque to morbid in only two brief lines, providing a shock value to the reader through dramatic contrast. The second most prominent “surprise” that this poem delivers is how the speaker addresses this just-revealed tragedy. Typically, when death is discussed, the tone is passionate and emotional, but here, the speaker describes both their death and place within the photograph with a level of detachment and calmness. As an example, the aforementioned volta is delivered in a matter-of-fact way, rather than being an overt dramatization that one would expect on such a weighted topic. Perhaps because of the poem’s subdued nature, I was unable to identify any individual words that stood out to me; rather, it was what they signified that was most striking. The significations that this poem presents are crucial in the building…

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