Unitedhealth Group Analysis

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UnitedHealth Group also known as United Healthcare is an organization located in Minnetonka, Minnesota. This company is dedicated to the health insurance services. Fortune, the prestigious magazine oriented to describe the characteristics of the best organizations in different business categories, shows that UnitedHealth Group stands as the number one industry in “Health Care: and Managed Care” in the last six years (Fortune, 2016).
The Organization occupies the second position in Global Competitiveness, and has scored in a national level in the number one place on people management, innovation, use of corporate assets, and social responsibility. Many of the quality process and the wide population reached by the excellent service provided by the organization made possible to provide a high quality products and services, which enhanced the company to attract investors and business given its long-term investment value. United Health Group has remained in the Fortune Global 500 list of best companies in business since the year of 1994. The organization was ranked before in the list of most competitive business in the World and, in the actual year the
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Hence, at the beginning the organization was known as Charter Med Incorporated. Three years after the creation of Charter Med Incorporated, the company was re-structured to initiate a process that included at that time health care innovations as hospital admission pre-certification processes, physician office software to manage and control costs, offering the behavioral health services in specialized units, and more complete insurance services. All the new processes led to the foundation of United Healthcare Corporation started as a paired company of Charter Med

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