United States Should Keep Close The Golden Door Essay

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A Open or Close Door U.S. golden door should remain open, but many people will debate that the United States should keep close the golden door. People from Europe first came to North and south america since 500 years ago in 1607. The settlements from the East and coast did destruction and widespread displacement of natives americans. In 1790 there was four million people living in 16th states in America and there was 700,000 blacks slaves. West Indians transported 20 Africans to Jamestown, trans-Atlantic trade slaves to the americans colonies without freedom and rights. 645,000 slaves were brought to U.S. in 1860 and there was 4 million enslaved people in south. In 1790, the naturalization act was created the first law of citizenship which the people that had the rights was white people and high class. Which say that only women can get their citizenship by their father. The act of 1795, increased the the amount time to become residence to be citizen to 2 to 5yrs. It came in action in 1808, The congress pass the legislation of the importation of slaves in U.S. The law is loose enforced, slaves was not illegal until the end of civil war. In 1820 and 1870, more than 7 million from western and northern europe came to U.S. that were poor and settling in west coast cities. German were came with more wealth and venture in the midwest came to search of farmland. In 1850 there was the first anti-immigration groups. Daniel Webster and Millard Fillmore both…

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