United States Political System Essay

The United States began as a colony of 13 states originating from the British Empire. Many of these colonists chose to endure this voyage to start a new nation with their own laws. Whereas in the British states, which was ruled by a monarchy government. In the new colony, which gained its freedom from Britain in 1776, was established with a democratic type government. With the democratic type of government, it allowed all citizens of the colonies, a voice in their government. From 1777 to 1865, the United States’ political system drastically changed in a short 80 years. Many of these changes were for the better, some for the worse. These changes however, led to what makes the United States political system is set-up today. In 1777, the United …show more content…
Second, the United States would abstain from involvement in the wars of Europe. Finally, Monroe warned European powers not to interfere with the newly independent states of Latin America” (Foner p. 372).
The Monroe Doctrine was considered “a cornerstone of American of American foreign policy” (Foner, p. 372). The Monroe doctrine was perceived as an “assumption that the Old and New Worlds formed separate political and diplomatic systems…” (Foner p.372). With the creation of this doctrine, it allowed the United States from interfering and becoming involved with foreign affairs. The main points that distinguish the United States political system from other political systems is that the United States political system is based entirely on a system of checks and balances. The executive branch, which consists of the President, the Senate, and the House of Representatives has a say in what the judicial branch does. The judicial branch consists of the Supreme Court; in turn, the judicial branch has a saying in what happens in the legislative branch of government. The legislative branch of government consists of Congress. Each branch of government has a say in what other branches of government can do regarding laws, bills, or going to war. This system of checks and balances prevents one part of the government from becoming too powerful and overtaking the
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The establishment of these processes created ““the system of checks and balances”…[which] refers to the way the Constitution seeks to prevent any branch of the national government from dominating the other two” (Foner, p. 260). This is one of the strengths that made the United States constitution one of the most greatly appreciated parts of the government. One of the most important architects to the United States political system was James Madison. Madison is considered one of the most influential men that pushed for the establishment of the new government. He is also referred to as the “father of the Constitution” (Foner, p. 257). James Madison is also credited for his idea of the Virginia Plan which created the idea of for the House of Representatives.
Another important architect for the political system of the United States was the final drafter of the Article of Confederation, Gouverneur Morris. Morris was one of the architects of the political system by establishing a few key phrases in the Articles of Confederation including:
“We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect
Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the

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