United States Of The 21st Century American Families And Marriages

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What is Considered Normal in the 21st Century American Families and Marriages? No Marriages and Increasing Adoption More Americans are shunning marriages as they pursue career and educational advancements. This reality is reflected by the age at which individuals are marrying. Census data suggests that in 2013 the average age at which men and women were getting married was 29 and 26.2 respectively. This is a rise from the 1970 figures which stood at 23.2 and 20.8 in 1970 for men and women respectively (Babay, 2013). The institution of marriage has been eroded and the significance that was attached to the institution is lost. The views of American regarding adoption have also changed with over 70% of the nation’s population expressing support for the practice (Adoptive Families, 2014). The number of Americans who have embraced adoption has also registered an increase. The increases that have been observed in the number of adoptions and the decline of marriage underscore the impacts of changes in marriage and family on the American society. These changes have reshaped the basic unit of society; family. When the key component of the society has undergone change, the entire society is bound to follow suit. The American society has indeed responded to these changes as the public views on adoption and marriage have evolved. The Rise of Single and Same-Sex Parents Public opinion has also changed as regards to single and same-sex parents. Americans are now more tolerant of such…

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