Essay on United States Of America Without Risking The Civil Liberties

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Can it be possible to protect The United States of America without risking the civil liberties? Our democracy has been customized to fit empty characters that profit by monopolizing people 's fears. Maneuvering their ideals against a herd of zombies who attentive and progressively believe that the U.S is at war. By controlling the people with constant fear and foreign threats, Washington manages to control the most valuable gift, U.S citizen’s liberties. Washington has mastered their skills over the years; people believed that we have enemies who are powerful even more powerful than this great nation. To subjugate its citizen’s freedom, so they surrender all that they have, their liberties. It is marvelous to witness how quickly modern man forgets the struggle our founding fathers and what they had to endure to give as what we have today or perhaps the notion of being human beings and having liberty. No more than two hundred years ago our founding fathers were brave enough to stand against the most powerful country (England) to fight for political and spiritual freedom.
This new nation founded on the most admirable and honorable document the Constitution, something many wish they had because it is a privilege for those who have it. It was written cautiously for no one more them themselves new the consequences of miss distribute power; they had lived under a monarchy and seen the narcissistic illness of those who govern with selfish gains. Therefore, our liberties are the…

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