United States Must Pass Legislation Making College Debt Free Essay

836 Words Nov 3rd, 2016 4 Pages
The United States must pass legislation making college debt free as it will lead to an increase of graduates that will help the growing demand of higher educated job opportunities and it will also lead to the decrease of debt in the United States.
I believe making college debt free will lead to the increase in enrollment in public four year colleges as this legislation will be aimed at making four year public college debt free for low and middle income families. This legislation is known as the RED act which means Reducing Education Debt Act. The RED act focuses on making college debt free, allowing college loan borrowers to refinance loans at lower rates, and allowing Pell Grants to be acceptable to inflation. This legislation could potential save college students $3,800 per year. More than 9 million students would benefit from this legislation passing.
Making college debt free will allow for student to focus on graduating and not stress about college debt. Many college students have to weigh the cost of college and how much they will make is they graduated with a degree. In many cases the cost of college will outweigh how much they will make so they decide to not go to college and save money. In some cases as they try to get promotions or get a different job at different companies they will not be able to because they do not have a degree. While people are trying to get jobs without degrees people with less experience are getting jobs over them because they have a college…

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