United States ' Mexican War Essay

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Major Paper Essay 2 US-Mexican War

Mexico invited Americans to live in Texas because they (Mexico) did not have the resources to help develop the land. The Americans, led by Sam Houston, were willing to help develop the land with the understanding they were to become citizens of Mexico. Although did ask for the American to move to their area of Texas, the Mexican government did not expect there to be such a huge influx of Americans coming into their area. Soon the American people and even some of the Mexican locals rebelled against the Mexican government asking to become part of the United States. They also joined some of the congress stating that Texas belonged to the United States as part of the Louisiana Purchase; therefore, was no part of Mexico.

There were differences and commonalities between the Mexicans and American Peoples. A major difference was that the Americans came around the 1600s to establish a British presence in the new world; while, the Mexicans people had been conquered by the Europeans in approximately the 1500s. Both countries fought for their independence although Mexico started their fight around 1810 and eventually won their freedom from Spain around the 1820s and the United states gained theirs in the 1770s. The Mexicans were a mixed race as shown by the following statement “the Spaniards encountered highly developed societies like those of the Aztecs, Mayas, and other Mesoamerican cultures not only did the Spaniards dominate them, but…

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