Essay United States Involvement During World War I

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United States’ involvement in World War I consisted of an initial state of neutrality that would eventually lead to battle. President Woodrow Wilson of the US desired to remain neutral throughout the war, but as conflicts arose from the Central powers of Germany, Austria-Hungary, and the Ottoman Empire, war was inevitable. While lacking necessary experience and resources, the United States required extensive preparation for battle in Europe. As America entered the war with the Allied powers, the central powers would eventually fall, providing an opportunity to establish temporary peace at the Paris Peace Conference. Although the United States entered World War I later than most nations, the impact from the American military forces provided the Allies with the support that allowed the Central powers to be defeated. Despite an initial stance of neutrality during World War I, President Wilson decided to enter the Triple Entente, which consisted of France, Great Britain, and Italy. Continued German militarism and aggressive imperialism forced Wilson to consider entering the war. With the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, the central powers were continuing to become combative in their pursuits of expansion. Germany exemplified further militaristic aggression with the use of submarine warfare. Although the use of U-boats violated maritime law, Germany prevented shipment of Allied goods that could be used in the war effort. After U-boats proceeded to sink ships…

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