United States ' Immigrant Students ' Our Public Schools By Laurie Olsen

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Made in America: Immigrant students in our public schools by Laurie Olsen

Most American teen’s girls are worried about what they are going to wear to the next dance or the next house party, but unlike immigrant teen girls who are worried about leaving school early and entering into an arranged marriage. In the Hindu and Muslim culture, children are expected to marry a spouse that her family has chosen. An arrange marriage allows the parents to choose a husband that is of their own nationality. When marrying someone of your nationality, family values and traditions are maintained. The parents decided to marry off their daughters at a young age to avoid their daughters from marrying someone of a different social class and nationality. An arrange marriage has more risk than a healthy marriage because the individual does not know the person are a personal level which may result in a troubled marriage. The spouse could be untruthful about themselves, family, and career. Lower class families may marry off their daughter to a corrupt family for personal gains such as social status and wealth. Many generations before have been arranged before, and the families are only following tradition.

Immigrant teen girls are facing challenges with their traditional culture and the American culture. American high school allows the girls to experience a typical teenage life, such as talking to boys and being exposed to the American culture, but they are restricting themselves from gaining…

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