United States And The United Nations Essay

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The relationship between the United States and the United Nations has been closely linked since the latter institution’s conception in the aftermath of World War Two. President Franklin D. Roosevelt created the ‘United Nations’ in 1942 during the Second World War (Basic facts about the United Nations 2000). It was the intention of the victors of World War Two to create an institution that would bind all sovereign states to the role of international law and international norms. Due to the failure of the League of Nations, the inclusion of the United States was deemed as vital to such an organisation because this would facilitate the notion of legitimacy and the potential for collective security arrangements in practice.

Importantly, the United Nations was the first multilateral international governmental organisation that the United States supported. This was in contrast to the League of Nations which while championed by Woodrow Wilson had failed to be ratified by the United States Congress. Thus from its conception the United States played an important part in the United Nations and the relationship between the two became ever more important for international geo-politics. This position remains to this day, with the US tempted into unilateral action in Iraq in 2003 only to return to the multi-lateral organisation with the election of the new Obama administration. Patrick (2009) states ‘the fundamental questions facing the 1940’s generation confront us again today. As then,…

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