United States And The United Nations Essay

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What would you do if your country wasn’t powerful enough to defend yourself, your family, and your friends? Would you leave or fight back? The United Nation peacekeepers make it so you wouldn’t have to do either. The United Nations was established right after World War II originally made up of fifty countries and now is a coalition of one hundred ninety three countries throughout the world that came together to help change and protect the world. In order to protect the world they created an organization called Peacekeepers. Peacekeepers have to ability to help create and then monitor peace throughout areas that are experiencing conflicts, by assisting the combatants by aiding them in war efforts. Most countries that are a part of the United Nations pay an assessed contribution. This provides funding for subunits within the United Nations, one of the major ones being Peacekeeping. According to the United Nations, which is the one of the most reliable sources when it comes to facts about Peacekeeping states the cost of one fiscal year of Peacekeeping from July 1, two thousand fifteen to June 30, two thousand sixteen top countries will pay about eight billion dollars. Most of this money will come from the United States paying twenty eight percent, Japan paying ten percent, and France paying seven percent. With this money, the United Nations is able to hold summits, which allows countries to pledge different items needed for combat like troops, weaponry, or vehicles.…

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