United States And The United Kingdom Essay

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According to Garland, “The United States and the United Kingdom have both become nations of stringent social control, from rapidly growing prison populations to ever increasing surveillance, curtailment of civil liberties, and restriction of the underclass. The Culture of Control charts the evolution of this approach to law and order politically, legally and in terms of the average citizen 's view of criminal and their civil liberties.” (Garland 2001, p.106)
In this section of the text, “Policy, predicament, adaptation, denial and acting out, Garland, explained the developments in crime control from the point of view of the governmental agencies and political actors directly responsible for policy formation. He described the recurring forms of calculation and decision-making that gave rise to the practices of the contemporary period. He also illustrated the type of considerations that drove decision-making in this period, and the sorts of policies that emerged in consequence. Garland argued that high crime rates examine the problems posed by the challenge to penal modernism. This problem solving account of institutional change finds support in the fact that historical periods in which institutional arrangements are undermined also tend to be ones in which there is an outpouring of reform proposals and policymaking inventiveness. Garland focused on the problem of crime control as it was perceived and managed by the agencies and authorities of the criminal justice state,”…

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