United States And The United Kingdom Essay

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Today, the United States is considered on the the most powerful and self sufficient countries in the world. This could be because of all the natural resources or how much landmass the United States has within its borders country, others say that the United States is one the most powerful countries in the world because of the founding brothers who had a vision of living free and having the ability to grow and prosper. In order for this vision to come to fruition America had to go through wars and conflict within it’s own borders to establish a stable government.
There were a few issues that threatened the survival of the early American republic, one of the first problems America faced, it’s breaking with the United Kingdom and establishing a republic government the size of the United States (Ellis, p. 11). Many problems arose as the new nation was establishing itself away from the UK, such as organization, and figuring out what they stood for as a nation. One of the first successful events for the Colonies was to break away from its founding country, America was only able to accomplished this through sheer luck, the founding fathers intelligence and strategy and Americans prevailing stubbornness (Ellis, p. 11). But not all Founding Fathers agreed upon how the new America should create its government system. Some could see beyond undeveloped new country and the potential that America holds in economic control of the world. Others could only wanted to break away from the UK…

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