Essay on United States : A Flood Of Climate Change Refugees

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In the next four decades, developed nations can expect a flood of climate change refugees. A large array of actors including politicians, government agencies, journalists and activists will respond to news about migration and immigration in a number of ways, through religious, ideological and emotional lenses. What will determine refugee assimilation processes and treatment in foreign lands depends on a number and quality of frames harnessed by agencies and media groups involving climate change and refugees as separate yet intertwining topics. Due to the largely negative connotations coupled with fearful and anxious messages involving refugees, frames can be detrimental to immigration and assimilation into Western society. However, evidence suggests, "news frames can cause positive emotional reactions" (Lecheler, Bos, Vliegenthart, 2015.) In fact, the effectiveness of a frame is often determined by how great its emotional impact is (Lecheler, Bos, Vliegenthart, 2015.) Due to its controversial nature, immigration is a topic that often amasses huge emotional responses. Thus, I will be discussing how a number of actors utilize local and international frames surrounding climate change refugees, and what the implications of these frames are.

A variety of names across dozens of journals and sources are used to describe the millions of people displaced from their home countries every year due to climate-related disasters such as typhoons, sea level rise (SLR) and earthquakes.…

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