Essay on United Parcel Service ( Ups )

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United Parcel Service(UPS), the world’s largest ground and air package-delivery company and a provider of supply chain management solutions. It delivers nearly 16.3 million packages and documents every day in the United States and more than 220 other countries. UPS spends more than $1 billion each year to maintain a high level of customer service while keeping costs low and streamlining its overall operations. (Laudon,2016) The growth strategy at UPS emphasis on entering into new markets and expanded its existing products as well as customer services. The external extensions include alliances with SAP and Oracle to include UPS functionality in their software packages and the acquisitions of Mail Boxes Etc. to provide 4400 retail locations to sell UPS services. (Ross,2002)
UPS knows the time is money so that they designed a set of systems to increase productivity. Their supply chain management starts from demand planning to design manufacturing planning systems, order management, inventory management and then shipment and transportation. UPS rolled out its self-developed handheld Delivery Information Acquisition Device (DIAD) in 1990. The DIAD is a wireless handheld device that UPS drivers use to capture customer signatures, scan bar code tracking information, and transmit delivery-status information in real time directly to UPS’s global network using a digital. (McDougall, 2004). Package Level Detail(PLD)is another program which initially focus on tracking for UPS premium…

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