United Ostomy Network (Uon) Meeting the Differentiation Challenge

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The demographic profile of the general ostomy population and the results from the surveys has created the facts needed to make the following recommendations on the following:
1. What does the survey tell us about the demographic profile of the general ostomy population within North America
2. Is the current survey constructed well enough to collect decisionable / actionable data in the future? 3. Should UON invest in designing a website which will differentiate themselves from others with quality information which is not available on other websites
Before I analyzed the data from the surveys, I looked at several websites which offer similar information.
I found the websites very unorganized and not user friendly or intuitive. The
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Looking at the facts on how many people actually use the internet to research, of the 364 surveyed; only
43% have used the internet to do research. This is important to understand as it shows that people are relying on other sources for their stoma management and information management.
Number of people using the internet for issues related to stoma management







Total Responses


0 no yes, within yes, but the past 6 more than 6 months months ago

Graph 4: Survey respondents used Internet for Research or information
POSSIBLE REWRITE (35% from ostomy supplier and 35% via internet)
The secondary data set is how people obtain data about their disease and how to manage it before, during and after treatment. The results below tell us something very interesting in that I believe the
Doctor / Nurse would be a highly used source for information, yet the results show us something very different. The Doctor and Doctor’s Nurse account for only 10% of where the patients obtain information from and 88.5 % comes from “Other”. Now this is important for us to get more information on this because out of all the choices the respondents to the survey had, this was this absolute highest category, yet we have no idea

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